Jim Parrish

Forward Looking


25+ years of litigation services experience. 
10+ years in-house law firm experience.
Create, build and direct service-oriented organizations.
Coordinate and manage complex, large-scale projects.
Manage teams of up to 450 document reviewers.
Design and implement management systems and litigation support projects.  
Excellent ability to adapt through extensive management, project and sales experience. 
Developed the concept of Strategic Document Review using advanced searching and analytic techniques.
Proven productivity analyst.
Developed resources and facilities from inception through implementation in legal and corporate environments.
Responsible for profit and loss.
In-depth knowledge of digital forensics and incident response.
Experience in remote/on site projects and facilities.
Hands on software design and development.



June 2015 – Present
Columbia, South Carolina

Data Center/Review Management Consultant (Contract).  Create workflow for new data center.  Integrate different products (Nuix, IPRO, Relativity) for processing data, ECA, review and production.  Develop process and procedures for project creation, data intake, keyword and concept searching, testing, sampling and other tasks.  Create checklist and reports for accurate updates to management personnel.  Drive technology into the review workflow.  Institute threading, clustering, email analysis and other techniques to reduce time and personnel needed for document review.  System has ingested over 35 million records since being instituted.  

February 2015 – Present
Fort Worth, Texas

Senior eDisocvery Consultant.  Provide support for clients using hosting systems (IPRO Eclipse, Disco). 

November 2013 – October 2015
Fort Worth, Texas

Practice Support Manager (Contract).  Handle support duties for mid-sized law firm.  Litigation support, ediscovery, collection, software support and marketing.

February 2014 – November 2014
Fort Worth, Texas

Regional Vice President.  Managed West Coast sales and operations for mid-sized litigation support and ediscovery company.

January 2005 – October 2013
Fort Worth, Texas/Phoenix, Arizona

Partner/COO.  Responsible for operations for $2+ million litigation services firm. 
Provide litigation case consulting solutions.
Recruit, train and manage document review projects (5 – 50+ attorneys).
Assist clients on search strategy, document priority, privilege logs, and deadlines.
Provide data management services for document review projects

  • Relativity
  • iConect
  • Catalyst
  • IPRO (Allegro, Eclipse)
  • Lexis products (Concordance, LAW, Polaris, ALCoder)
  • Manage litigation data from document collection through trial.
  • Forensic acquisition of enterprise data including extraction and analysis.
  • Acquire, set up, staff, train and run remote facilities
  • Document collection
  • Scanning
  • Document review
  • Trial/War Room
  • Remote office

Perform risk management evaluations for corporate collection and data security.
Developed new product lines for business including

  • EBriefs (Trial Brief Pro)
  • Monitoring jury social media (Jurywatcher.com)
  • Strategic document review
  • Digital forensics/incident response


1994 - Present
Austin/Fort Worth, Texas

Litigation Support Consultant.  Provide services to law firms and corporations regarding document management, systems integration, imaging, case management, trial support, document production, database management and training. 

2003 -2004
Phoenix, Arizona/Fort Worth, Texas

 Director of Operations  Responsible for operations of $4.5 million litigation services firm.

  • Ranked #151 on Inc.’s 500 List. 
  • Responsible for increase in operational capacity from $2 million to $4.5 million.
  • Created electronic evidence solution. 
  • Prepared and executed business plans for opening new offices.
  • Oversaw staff of over 100 foreign and domestic coders plus scanning operations. 

June 2000 – May 2001
Austin, Texas

Senior Solutions Advisor.  Member Professional Services Group; Duties related to four areas: sales; solutions; development; and new product opportunities. 

  • Sales: provided solution and proposal support; product research and partnering opportunities.
  • Solutions: focus - provided expanded service lines to customers and developed new revenue through top-line new product sales.
  • Development: supervised development efforts for client requests and new service offerings; implemented product management system.
  • New Product Opportunities: product/market/customer research for bandwidth trading, wireless local data loop, and web-based conferencing.

December 1998 – April 2000
Richmond, Virginia

Litigation Technology Support Manager. 

  • Created project oriented service team by reorganizing personnel structure and creating comprehensive litigation support process.
  • Implemented in-house litigation support center including substantial scanning facility.
  • Created team to handle automated trials.
  • Evaluated and implemented new software and hardware to handle litigation support activities.
  • Developed strategy for internet delivery of litigation support services including education and information program for legal personnel. Drafted and implemented in-house marketing plan.
  • Created electronic evidence system.


January 1995 - May 1997
Dallas, Texas

Litigation Support Consultant. Worked on various projects to update and upgrade litigation support section. 

  • Installed network-imaging system for WAN image retrieval. 
  • Created training program for all database and imaging users.  Trained personnel in Dallas and other offices. 
  • Constructed numerous databases and managed in-house coding efforts. 
  • Installed Facility Management litigation support and imaging center.


June 1994 - March 1997
Phoenix, Arizona

Project Director.

Managed large on-site imaging project for Fortune 50 pharmaceutical corporation.   Coordinated activities of three document sites, two scanning locations, six vendors, multiple co-defendants and law firms.  Performed systems integration of a dedicated network, including software evaluation, for retrieval of case documents. Provided services to clients including training, systems design and project management.

 American Legal Systems, a subsidiary of CACI, Inc.
September 1992 - April 1994
Dallas, Texas

Sales Executive/Project Director.  Managed several large litigation projects for law firms and corporate legal departments.

  • Coordinated sales activities to insurance companies and associated law firms. 
  • Prepared proposals in response to RFP's for case specific and facilities management situations. 
  • Project management duties included:  accountable for profit and loss; responsible to client for coordinating all aspects of litigation support; management of coding and scanning activities; microfilm conversion; document (image) depositories; and software and hardware consulting. 
  • Prepared business plan for company-wide depository marketing, sales and operations. 
  • Formulated sales presentations to law firms and government agencies. 

Jackson & Campbell, P.C.
April 1989 - September 1992
Washington, D.C.

Litigation Support Manager/Senior Litigation Paralegal. 

  • Prepared firm training and procedures manual and implemented training for all litigation paralegals. 
  • Management of multi-site environmental/toxic tort insurance coverage actions.
  • Drafted document database design manuals.
  • Member several case committees overseeing litigation support.
  • Set-up and managed document repositories.
  • Formulated document review protocols in multi-million document cases.
  • Performed site investigations of hazardous waste dumps and manufacturing plants.
  • Negotiated vendor contracts.
  • Developed comprehensive reference system for attorneys. 

Collier, Shannon, Rill & Scott
March 1988 - April 1989
Washington, D.C.

Litigation Case Manager.  Managed multi-district PMPA cases. 

  • Trained paralegal and clerical personnel; coordinated logistics with client and six local counsels.
  • Prepared briefing manuals.
  • Drafted legal briefs and case materials; selected trial exhibits; document discovery;
  • Researched legal/expert witness issues, statutes, regulations, and environmental topics


Davis, Polk & Wardwell
November 1987 - March 1988
Washington, D.C.


Senior Legal Assistant. 

Worked with, trained and supervised a team of over 50 project paralegals screening and analyzing four million discovery documents in fraud and negligence litigation. Analyzed documents for financial information to discover and document fraud.  Drafted witness summaries in preparation of depositions and interviews.


University of Houston, B.A., Political Science, 1986